Missed most about deer season

I miss: Filling my backpack with what others may see as weird for a girl to carry around. But I see as essential, because it’s hunting stuff… Like deer pee and a grunt call.

I miss: The anticipation as I put each layer of camo on.

I miss: The silent bursting of excitement as I walk to my deer stand. Checking for change in scrapes and tracks.

I miss: The way my gun feels… The weight of it bobbing with each step, slung over my shoulder. The surprise when the tall barrel sometimes flings a low tree branch behind my head.

I also miss: The balanced grip as I carry my bow. The knowing it is a primal but comfortable extension of my arm for the next few hours.

I miss: The over awareness of the breeze… as I am peacefully perched in my stand with senses turned on full blast.

I miss: Muscles aching after shivering with cold and eager suspense.

I miss: The confidence gained, as I loosen the tight hold I had on my bow. As a young buck reveals himself… stops to nonchalantly munch around my treestand… I let him go, to grow.

I miss: The walk back to the truck in the darkness… Thankful to get to share my hunting highlights with my husband.

This Iowa girl loves hunting, there’s nothing like it.



Thrilled for the hunt

*August 31, 2015… Watching some filmed hunts with family really makes for a wonderful end to our weekend. When the star hunter makes a marginal shot, I’m actually satisfied it didn’t end up on the cutting room floor. It’s refreshing to see hunting mistakes, because nobody is perfect.

I’m more than excited, been waiting seems like forever for season opener!

I have a specific hunt from last year that keeps playing over and over like a film in my mind… Can anyone relate?

*I recently reacquired my lost password for my blog and website, so that is why I hadn’t posted for a while!

The Value of Female Hunters

I’ve had a similar experience and gave them a chance but when not acknowledged, I politely let them know at that moment, that I was the one who was looking at the product and because I wasn’t taken seriously as a huntress they lost a big sale. With a smile, I politely warned them there are many women needing hunting supplies and to adjust their attitude accordingly in the future. I sometimes feel that some people are like kids or dogs… you kinda have to correct them in the moment for it to stick. And in the same token, we as strong female hunters can’t be bitter… just smile and help them be more aware. We are ambassadors for the next gal who needs hunting gear. Help that next huntress have a nice sales experience and leave the saleperson with a pleasant impression of women hunters.

Country Huntress

Bighorn Outdoor Adventure Show

This past weekend, I went to the Bighorn Outdoor Adventure Show with a friend of mine.  It’s a sports and recreation show with over a hundred booths for all things hunting, fishing, and outdoors related.  I didn’t go for any specific item.  I mainly wanted to look around and see what was there.

One of our last stops was at a booth for an app that tells you if the land you’re on is public or private.  Several people have mentioned this app to me before and said it’s a great tool to use when hunting.  I’ve seriously considered purchasing this app knowing that I’ll likely be hunting on public land this year.  So I was happy that we found the company’s booth.

The man working at the booth overheard me saying I was interested in the app and walked over.  Immediately, he focused his attention on my male friend…

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Yee Haw! Got my own website! Now what to do with it…

I got a website! Woo hoo! I can’t wait to sink my design teeth into it! Hubby already ordered me my very own line of IowaHuntress.com apparel. Just kidding. Only a custom designed hat. Can’t wait to wear it! Thanks honey! I’m just loving the chock full of hope ideas for my new website! Got my amazing mission statement all ready:

“Promoting the ethical hunting and conservation of Iowa’s wild game, with education and support of female hunters.”

– IowaHuntress.com

Off Seasoned

The way you feel when you walk into a meeting a half hour late and everyones heads crane at you.  You walk out of a fancy restaurant’s bathroom and folks look at you as you walk by and you can’t help but wonder if you have toilet paper stuck to your shoe. The sinking embarrassment when in an exciting conversation about hunting, that you have harvested nothing this hunting season.  I am feeling off seasoned.

But I am going to declare it loud so there will be an ownership to passing on the tough shots and young bucks. I am content to have logged the countless hours in my tree stand and gained wisdom for next season… I had fun… But still… It would have been nice if that 11 pointer came a little closer… Next season… So during my off season, I will practice harder, study more, and especially find another place to hunt! So I can get some meat to throw some seasoning on! hee hee

Excited for my big bowhunting trip to S. Iowa

Getting really wound up (and almost anxious) about the long awaited yearly trip to bow hunt with my Hubby and Dad. This is the first year I am going to join them. We will only be taking a lunch break. So call me a monkey, I’ll be spending most of the day in a tree with my Hoyt bow! Yay!

The freezer is nearly empty, so this is perfect timing!

First blog ever

There’s a few things I aspired to be ‘when I grew up’.

A writer was top of the list.  Along with: actress (thanks Brooke Shields), artist (thanks Bob Ross), boss or teacher (thanks Mom), and lead singer (thanks Stevie Nicks).

Never thought I would like to hunt or propagate children… But surprise! I love doing both, fiercely. Birth and death.

So I am writing. and I am being artistic. and I am teaching. and I sing my heart out anytime I want. Most ardently, I hunt. I don’t get paid money for doing it, I get paid with contentment. All these are a piece of who God made me to be.

I have my devoted husband to thank for the encouragement. We are parenting partners, we are hunting partners, we are love partners.  I thank God for that man.  I am happy he ‘hunted’ me down all the way from Ohio and pursued me from Texas.

We planted in the middle, and have sown quite a sweet life here in Iowa. We are ‘growing up’.